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Content Management should be easy, because when it isn't, your site won't stay current in the long run – content decays, just like everything else in the world. And a postcard from the past is useless, no matter what industry you are in.

DIY or the Full Service Plan? Your challenges are gone, either way

Full Content
Management Service Plan

A Photo Album or Video Channel? All it takes is one click. Publish Portfolios, Streaming Media, Public Forums, Booking Calendars, and Digital Signs. Customize your Response Forms simply by point-and-click.

Create an eye-catching WebStore, or roll out a hundred different blogs for a hundred different people in less than an hour. Publish your own Web App in minutes. FirstMagic has built-in modules for everything, instantly ready for use.

No previous experience  needed. FirstMagic is intuitive and familiar - if you know Office, you know this, too. 


Get a vibrant and engaging site 

FirstMagic websites are infinitely skinnable. Use the built in Theme Designer or select a ready-made Theme from the library, bring your own Web Developer on board to develop something special, or hire us - there are no limits to what you can do. FirstMagic websites can be designed freely.

vibrant and engaging website

Implement your organization's branding and design guidelines everywhere, or design different spaces in different ways - you can even make stand-alone sub-websites inside your site, each with its own, unique look and feel, its own navigation, and custom Design Theme.

Found the perfect Theme on templatemonster.com but it's built for a different platform? We'll port it over for you, exact to the last pixel. FirstMagic can use WordPress Themes, Drupal Themes, Joomla Themes... Or any custom built Design.

Powerful ways to share and connect

Connect your Social Media and drop Facebook or Twitter content onto any page - or push content in the other direction, to other CMSes and custom mobile Apps. Maintain a Blog in FirstMagic and automatically republish your posts on WordPress, or embed Google Drives, Docs, or Maps, in any FirstMagic page. Use Word documents as web pages. Mix Flickr and FirstMagic galleries on the same page, and make YouTube Channels inside them, too.

FirstMagic has ready-made Widgets for all the common services; no need to install code from Google, Facebook, Disqus, or whatever you need;  simply tap a button, and your favorite Social Buttons or commenting feature installs itself wherever you want it.

Affordable web presence A Great Web Presence You Can Afford

Our Plans start at $29/month, Domain Name included.

With FirstMagic, you can effectively and affordably manage a professional website - with no surprises. No unlockable features or hidden fees; all our Plans are full featured.

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Comprehensive Accessibility, Usability, and SEO

Your new FirstMagic website is fully responsive: it works perfectly on any modern device, from desktops to smartphones to tablets. It meets all modern industry standards and legal requirements for usability and accessibility, and it comes with assistive tools for the visually impaired as well as full support for Text-to-Speech and screen readers.


Pages have semantic, human-readable and Search Engine-friendly links, with easy, on-the-page keyword tagging, and automatically creates its own navigation, menus and Site Map - even a fully navigable print version of the entire site - with QR codes - builds itself from your content.

Demos and Examples

FirstMagic websites can publish blogs, news feeds, e-books, web apps, image galleries, webshops, video channels, podcasts, response forms, social channels, even public user forums, calendars, and Digital Signs - whatever you need is just a few clicks away. Here´s a few demos.


e-Commerce Example

FirstMagic integrates with both PayPal and FoxyCart, and has several easy ways to set up payments processing and shopping carts. Webstores, stand-alone product pages and pop-up offers can be created on the fly. Demo: http://shop.dont-panic.ca

Web App for
IOS and Android

Today Example

Today is a special FirstMagic layout with its own Web App for IOS and Android.  It will publish anything you want as cards - blog posts, Facebook posts, YouTube movies, Word and PDF documents, Google Docs, Maps... The content appears in a live stream, and each card can be timed to appear and disappear at the dates and times you specify. Look at our demo: http://today.dont-panic.ca

Small business website

Small Business Website Example

Here´s a demo of a generic Small Business site: http://example.dont-panic.ca. This is one of the pre-installed Website Models. You could use the Theme Designer to style it, and simply drop in your own content. To get a feel for how easy it is, visit the TryOut site below and publish something...

Digital Magazine

Digital Magazine Example

Digital versions of paper publications rarely transfer well: the common formats are not very discoverable in Google. FirstMagic offers a module that will retain the editorial format perfectly, while making every page SEO friendly - including adverts. You can even put some (or all) content behind a PayWall and offer subscriptions. http://magazine.dont-panic.ca is our example site. 

Demo website

FirstMagic TryOut site

 Visit http://demo.firstmagic.net and try anything you like. This demo is basically the same as the Small Business Site above - but you can sign in and edit anything you like. It also has a section demonstrating a range of Widgets and Layouts that adds all kinds of functionality to your pages.

A few Real-World examples by our clients

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