Frequently Asked Questions


Can i try FirstMagic before i commit to a Subscription?  

Yes. We give you a free 28-day trial. If you do not order your Subscription after 30 days, your account is cleared. If you choose to order, we will activate your site with the domain name of your choice, and you will receive your first invoice counting from that day.  

Can i order any domain name i like?  

You can order any com, org, net, biz, or ca address, as long as it is available [not already taken].

Can i use a domain name i already own?  

Yes. Simply point your domain name to IP, and notify us. 

Can i add extra Editor accounts to my Plan?

Yes. You can add as many Editors as you need. Additional accounts are $5 / month per account. When you add extra Editors, your original account will get Controller Privileges over them - meaning that you will be able to delegate responsibilities and access rights to areas of your website between the extra accounts.

To add extra Editor Accounts to your subscription,  send an e-mail to, and we will take care of it for you.

How do i cancel my Plan?

You need to cancel your Plan in writing. The easiest way to do this, is to send an e-mail to We will always confirm a cancellation with a phone call before we retire a website, and the site will not be retired right away unless you ask us to. Otherwise, it will stay active until the end of your current term + 10 days. The extra 10 days is to give you time to archive your content, and will not be billed for.

Website Design

How can i design my website?

Your website comes with 45 pre-installed Design Themes to choose from. Installing a theme is done with a single click in the Theme Designer, which you will find on your Dashboard.

Additionally, FirstMagic has a built-in Theme Designer mode where you can simply point-and-click (and drag-and-drop) elements, fonts, colors, and images, directly on the web pages themselves: there's no coding involved - this is a visual tool you can experiment with freely.

You can also write your own theme in CSS - or modify a pre-installed theme or a Designer Mode theme with CSS.

Can you design my website?

Yes. We can build any design to order, import a WordPress Theme, customize an existing Theme, or work with you to develop a custom Theme. There are no limitations to what your website can look like.

Send an e-mail to, and we will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements and ideas.


Is my website responsive?

FirstMagic sites are fully responsive and works perfectly on any modern device, from desktops to smartphones to tablets. They are Braille friendly, ready for text-to-speech, and comes with a built-in Widget for visitors to tweak text and contrast.

Does my website support current Accessibility legislation in my country?

Out of the box, your FirstMagic site conforms to both WGAC Level III and Section 508. This covers all legal requirements for Accessibility and Usability in the United States, Canada, and the European Union. HereĀ“s a comparison chart showcasing FirstMagic v.s. 15 other platforms tested for these requirements.

SEO and Statistics

How does SEO work with FirstMagic?

Every page has a field for your Keywords, and you can change them on the fly, directly on the page itself. You can also set up a set of Global Keywords for the entire site. These will automatically be used on individual pages you have not given their own Keywords.

How about Statistics?

You can use any Statistics Service you prefer - StatCounter or Google Analytics, for example. Installing a Statistics package is a simple one-minute task, and we will do it for you when we create your site, if you want us to.

The Web App

What is the App?

It is a Web App for Android and IOS. This means it will not be in the Appstore or on Google Play: instead, it installs directly from your Home Page. Visitors will get it as a button on their home Screens. The App is not a wrapper for your website (which is fully responsive and mobile friendly in itself), but a special container for Today - a special layout that lets you publish customizable cards.

A card can be anything: a blog post, YouTube clip, Word Document, Google Doc, Map, a text, an image, a business card or a byline or personal or business profile. Cards can be timed - exist on particular points in time. It is simply a great and easy way of delivering timely content to your visitor's Home Screens.